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New York, NY
Project Title
Deep Blue Sea/What Problem?
Fiscal Year Awarded
Grant or Program
National Dance Project Production Grant
Grant Amount

Inspired by Herman Melville’s description in Moby Dick of Pip, the young black cabin boy floating alone in the sea, Deep Blue Sea/What Problem? explores the relationship of loneliness/aloneness as it pertains to, or contrasts with, community identity. It is envisioned as an 80 minute evening-length work to premiere in spring 2020. This piece will use the idea of being lost at sea as a metaphor for the African American experience, and is designed to incorporate a diverse cast of guest artists recruited from local communities in which the piece tours.  

Estimated Artist Fee: $40,000/performance; $70,000/week.

Presenter Partners

  • George Mason University (Fairfax, VA) 
  • Mann Center for the Performing Arts (Philadelphia, PA) 
  • UNC Chapel Hill (Chapel Hill, NC) 

Tour Coordinator

Kyle Maude, Producing Director
tel 212-691-6500 ext. 262

Contact the tour coordinator listed above for information on this project’s tour dates, and to discuss joining a project’s NDP tour and receiving a Presentation Grant.

NDP Presentation Grant

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