Bronx, NY
Project Title
Raw Fruit
Fiscal Year Awarded
Grant or Program
National Dance Project Presentation Grant
Grant Amount

BAAD! will present KM Dance Project as a part of the 2023 BAAD!ASS Women’s Festival. BAAD! Will host KMDP in a rehearsal residency and performance providing the space and technical support needed for KM Dance Project to fully engage in the creative process and performance. Part of the residency activities will be dedicated to establishing a robust relationship between KMDP and the Bronx community. BAAD! will host engagement activities with KMDP including community gathering and multi-generational movement based classes that promote storytelling, facilitated discussions and cultural sharing.
Tues, Mar 14: Rehearsal Residency
Wed, Mar 15: Rehearsal Residency / Community Class
Thurs, Mar 16: Invited Dress Rehearsal/ Community Gathering
Fri, Mar 17: Public Performance
Sat, Mar 18: Engage with Community Showcase