Dearborn, MI
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National Theater Project Presentation Grant
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DRONE is a new play by artist-in-residence Andrea Assaf, and a transdisciplinary performance project integrating theatre, live music, emerging technologies and artistic containers for public dialogue. It explores the drone as a metaphor for how we become desensitized to daily violence, domestic and global, the question of Moral Injury, and the effects of remote-control warfare on the human soul.

This performance of new work-in-progress will include excerpts of the play based on the true testimonies of survivors and witnesses of U.S. drone strikes, together with an original sound score exploring practices of “droning” in music traditions from the U.S. South to Southwest and Central Asia. Featured performers include: Ifrah Mansour and Anu Yadav as the “Survivors,” and internationally acclaimed Syrian opera singer Lubana Al Quntar.

The performance and talkback will be presented at AANM on November 11, 2022.