Rumford, RI
Project Title
Dance + Choreography Residency at The Dragon’s Egg
Fiscal Year Awarded
Grant or Program
New England Dance Fund
Grant Amount

NEFA is supporting AM.’s (they/he) earth-based and mindfulness immersion for a winter dance residency at the Dragon's Egg Studio in Ledyard, CT. The Dragon's Egg Studio is a unique space that nurtures artistic creativity, care and connection with the surrounding natural environment - the forest, the stream, the wind, and the sky. During their residency at The Dragon’s Egg, AM. will focus on devising + rehearsing some original choreography on a group of dancers and teaching a free public workshop for the community on the embodied history of Queer Afro-Latinx dance. This dedicated time and space will also provide them with the opportunity, resources and stability to compose new music for their dance performance practice, with a specific focus on amplifying the voices and (her)stories of Queer and BIPOC dancers + artists + culture-bearers.

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