Lynnfield, MA
Project Title
My Guide to Feeling It All
Fiscal Year Awarded
Grant or Program
New England Dance Fund
Grant Amount

Funding for an original composition for “My Guide to Feeling It All”, a contemporary dance work created by Angelina Benitez in collaboration with Alexandria Nunweiler and Katrina Conte. “My Guide…” is an intricate movement tapestry portraying the wide range of human emotion. The dancers embody the contradictions that make up the human experience: the intersection of shame and pride, love and grief, anxiety and excitement. This work challenges the societal norms that often encourage us to suppress or compartmentalize our feelings. The work celebrates the beauty of authenticity, inviting viewers to embrace their own identities and express their emotions without fear or judgment. Original music by Adam Matthew, a singer-songwriter working with vocals, acoustic and electric guitar, supports the atmosphere of emotionality and empathy with Adam’s heartfelt and accessible indie-folk style.

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