Medford, MA
Project Title
Travel /Professional Development
Fiscal Year Awarded
Grant or Program
New England Dance Fund
Grant Amount

During July 2023 I will visit London, England to experience and understand contemporary dance in the area where I will explore how the moving body is an archive of a culture. I will visit the leading training programs in the city where I will explore the curriculum, participate in physical dance classes, and experience live performances to gain a better understanding of the current practices, styles, influences, and trends in both training, movement styles, and dance making. In addition, I will explore the city in order to learn about the country’s historical events and traditions that have influenced its artists. I will expand the scope of the research beyond dance to include experiences in other art forms such as visual art, music, and theater. I am also interested in gaining a better understanding of the support artist receive outside the US in order to create a sustainable living within their communities. Equally as important I will make connections with people in the dance field.

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