On October 1, 2019, NEFA announced a series of changes to the Expeditions and New England States Touring (NEST) programs, merging the two under the NEST moniker and sunsetting the Expeditions program. Please visit the NEST Grant page to learn about tour support for artists from inside or outside of New England.

Requirements & Reports for Grant Recipients


Grant payments will be made upon receipt of the following which must be submitted within 40 days after the funded event:

  1. A completed Expeditions Tour Planning grantee report for each grant. Click "Return to your grant form" below to log-in to your portal account to find and submit your online report(s). If you need technical assistance, please email Falyn Rose Elhard (they/them/theirs).

    Return to Your Grant Form
  2. A copy of the signed contract or letter of agreement between your organization and the artist(s) presented with the artist fee and scope of work.
  3. Copies of letters of appreciation sent to your federal and/or state legislators. This is to inform them about the purpose of this award, and the impact it will have on your organization’s activities and service to the community. 
  4. Copies of program and publicity materials, if applicable, showing acknowledgement of NEFA’s funding.