August 23, 2020, 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM ET

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How can public-making—the collective creation and activation of public spaces for interaction and belonging—be a radical, joyful tool for spatial justice? Join artists, activists, and community leaders to discuss how public-making can create opportunities for interaction, laughter, dialogue, and surprise, and explore real-life examples of public-making that you can bring to your community. 

Making it Public: Activating Public Spaces for Creativity, Connection, and Celebration is part two of Whose Public? Planning and Placemaking for Welcoming Public Spaces, a three-part discussion series that explores the role that planners, artists, and government staff can play in shaping just, joyful, and inclusive public spaces.  

This mini-series is part of an ongoing “Public Art, Public Places,” an ongoing collaboration between the Metropolitan Area Planning Council and the New England Foundation for the Arts that hosts cross-sector conversations for planners, artists, culture bearers, and community leaders. 

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Read "Refusing the Past, Imagining the Future" by Lori Lobenstine to learn more about spatial justice.

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