A woman with her eyes closed and right fingers on her jawline.

Ebony Noelle Golden

National Dance Project Advisor
Artist, Founder, CEO
Betty’s Daughter Arts Collaborative
Land of the Munsee Lenape People (New York, NY)


Ebony Golden is a performance artist, scholar, and culture strategist whose work consists of site-specific performance rituals and live art installations that explore relationships between creativity and liberation. She relies on transparent and equitable partnerships with community members, institutions, and creatives in pursuit of social justice. For the duration of her career, Golden has been committed to building performance and public rituals with folks to fight reductive ideas about race, class, sexuality, gender, ability, and more. She centers the brilliant voices of people invisibilized by white-normative power structures and is clear about the wealth of culture and art present in their families and communities. She aims to utilize performance to tell enlivening stories to cultivate meaningful community connections that are viable for collective action and instillation of self-determination. For the last decade, she has collaboratively created site-specific public art performances grounded in authentic community storytelling. Each time, she has felt that those folks who joined herself and her collaborators on their creative journey had been enveloped into the project itself—no longer audience members, but co-conspirators or co-performers. This is the type of connection she strives for and is integral to why she works as a collaborative artist for progressive social transformation. Ebony is also the founder of Betty's Daughter Arts Collaborative, LLC and Jupiter Performance Studio. www.bettysdaughterarts.com

Photo Credit: Melisa Cardona

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