If you would like to give a five-minute presentation about your touring project to all attendees  and/or share in the Mini Swaps at the Idea Swap on October 30, 2019, please complete all fields below.

All Idea Swap project ideas must be submitted by Wednesday, October 9, 2019, including Mini Swap pitches. If you are selected to present your idea you will be notified by Wednesday, October 16, 2019.

NEFA will include your submitted project in the Idea Swap program materials and the online Idea Swap Project Ideas page.

Types of Work Samples to Submit:
  • Please provide a URL to a downloadable work sample. A downloadable file is required for the five-minute project presentations.
  • Submitting a clip of a fully produced work or a work-in-progress is strongly recommended. Promotional videos or video montages can be submitted, but may not fully capture the piece.
Questions? Please email presentingtouring@nefa.org
Include a short summary of the piece/project and any tour details (2-5 sentences).
Please indicate the cue time for the work sample(s). A limit of up to two minutes will be reviewed for the selection process. (Reminder: the time slot for each formal project presentation is five minutes maximum.)
Contact Info for Person Submitting This Proposal
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