In addition to the application question below, the Collective Imagination for Spatial Justice application will require further details about the Applicant/Collective Imagination Team and budget, to view the full application, log into our online grant portal. 

  1. Please tell us about your Collective Imagination Team. Who are the lead collaborators? Why have you chosen to work together? (2,000 character limit)

  2. Collective Imagination for Spatial Justice aims to support teams that are dreaming up public art that can help us see, feel, experience and imagine spatial justice now, while we are still on this collective journey towards realizing more just futures for our public spaces and public culture. What has brought your team to this moment of exploration and imagination? Why is this a topic/place of importance for your team? Why is this the right journey at the right time for this particular Collective Imagination team? Please be as specific as possible. (2.000 character limit) 

  3. What do you need to create space for imagination at this time, and how will this grant support your team’s collective imagination journey? What are your tentative next steps? (3,600 character limit)

  4. Optional: What resources have shaped your understanding and interest in collectively imagining spatial justice in your community? What resources are you looking towards to support your journey together in collective imagination? Please share links, readings, case studies, resources etc. that may be helpful for others on this journey. (2,000 character limit)

  5. Optional: We acknowledge that the people reviewing your application are likely to have gaps in understanding or knowledge about the context for your work. Please share any other information you think would be important to fairly assess your application. In addition to your written response to this question, you may also choose to submit a short video (up to 3 minutes in total) responding this question. (1,500 character limit)

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