Preview Collective Imagination for Spatial Justice Application Questions

In addition to the application question below, the Collective Imagination for Spatial Justice application will require further details about the Applicant/Collective Imagination Team and budget, to view the full application, log into our online grant portal.  To view the full application, start a new application or log into our online grant portal to continue a saved application. 

  1. Introduce your Collection Imagination Team. Who are the lead collaborators?  And why have you chosen to work together? What has brought your team to this moment of exploration and imagination, and why now? What are your intentions for embarking on an imagination journey together? (2,000-character limit)
  2. How does your team intend to hold space for this imagination work? Please share an example of how your team is building trust and accountability among collaborating team members and within the community. (2,000-character limit)
  3. Tell us about the community and place where your team would like to see, feel and experience more creative, impactful, accountable public artmaking. What does the current public art look, feel, and sound like? And how is public art shaping the public culture of that place (or not)? What is your team’s relationship to this place/community? (3,600-character limit) 
  4. In 2023, we are inviting Collective Imagination Teams to move through a six-month imagination journey together with us, from January through June 2023. Please share how your team will prioritize availability to participate in monthly virtual cohort gatherings in 2023 (at least two team members must be available to participate in each of the virtual cohort gatherings; team members may vary for each gathering).  Please share any accessibility needs that may help you to be fully present in a virtual gathering space. What do you hope to gain from this shared learning space? (2,000 character limit)
  5. Optional: Priority will be given to teams that are led or co-led by Black, Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC), built on trust and accountability, rooted in community and/or wrestling with the intersectionality spatial justice and racial justice. Please review the CISJ grant page for a full understanding of our funding priorities.

    We acknowledge that the people reviewing your application are likely to have gaps in understanding or knowledge about the context for your team. Please share any other information you think would be important to fairly assess your application. In addition to your written response to this question, you may also choose to submit a short video (up to three minutes in total) responding this question. (3,500 character limit)

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