In addition to the narrative questions below, the 2020 NTP Creation and Touring Preliminary application will require details on the applicant, the project (dates and details of development and touring), the producing/development partner, and a video work sample.

  1. Please describe the proposed new work. (2,500 characters)
  2. Describe your devising/development process and how this project meets the definitions of devised and ensemble theater. (1,500 characters)
  3. We acknowledge that the people reviewing your application are likely to have gaps in understanding or knowledge about the context for your work. Please provide your own definitions of excellence and success for this project, and any other information you think would be important for the Advisors to have to fairly assess your application. (1,500 characters)
  4. How does this project contribute to the cultural and aesthetic diversities of today's theater? (For NEFA's value statement around Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Accessibility click here.)  (1,500 characters)
  5. List key benchmarks in development and estimated schedule of completion. (1,500 characters)
  6. Briefly describe your relationship with the development partner(s) (named on the application) and how they will contribute to the development and/or touring and promotion of this work. (1,500 characters)
  7. Describe the audiences and communities you want to reach and how you envision connecting with them through this work. (1,500 characters)