Expeditions Touring Grant Application Questions

In addition to the narrative questions below, the 2018 Expeditions Touring application will require details on the applicant, the project, and a budget. Lead partners are required to answer two additional narrative questions and submit artist work samples.

  1. LEAD APPLICANT ONLY: Describe the overall project including an explanation of artistic quality, exploration, and creativity as well as the significance of this project touring New England. (3,600 character limit)
  2. LEAD APPLICANT ONLY: What collaborative planning has occurred among tour partners and the featured artist(s) to date? Please identify all tour partner organizations and their project engagement dates. (2,000 character limit)
  3. ALL APPLICANTS: Why is your organization participating in this project? Please explain the significance of having the featured artist(s) in your community. (2,000 character limit)
  4. ALL APPLICANTS: What contextual, educational, and adjunct activities are planned around your engagement to meaningfully engage with various sectors of your community?  Please list and describe specific planned activities.  (2,000 character limit)
  5. ALL APPLICANTS: Please describe the specific activities related to this engagement that will increase access to the arts by removing barriers to participation due to socioeconomic status, race, ethnicity, nationality, geography, language, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, religion, mental and physical status, and/or age.  (2,000 character limit)
  6. ALL APPLICANTS: How do you plan to obtain additional funding support for this engagement?  Please be sure to identify funding sources in the budget revenue section. (2,000 character limit)