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Former CreativeGround Website Administrator

CreativeGround is a lot more than just a place to build a beautiful online profile. It’s also a powerful cultural directory, a tool for increasing the visibility of artists, creative businesses, and cultural nonprofits at work in your state, city, and even your neighborhood. Here are a few easy ways to use CreativeGround to promote your creative community to all New England and beyond!

Identify your community

Did you know that the URL at the top of any search results page can be shared just like the link to a website? For example, by navigating to the Explore page, selecting "Vermont" and then "Burlington," you can generate THIS LINK, which will always show the search results for profiles in Burlington, VT, even if new profiles are added to the site!

Conduct a search for profiles in your state, town, or even your zip code and share the link at the top of the results page in your email signature or your social media profiles to show your regional pride! Check out the example below...


CreativeGround Website Administrator
New England Foundation for the Arts
tel 617.951.0010 x535
Part of the Boston Creative Economy!

Create a list of resources in your region

Create custom directories of resources in your region by searching for multiple criteria. For example, THIS LINK of all the profiles for Arts Centers in New Hampshire was created by selecting "New Hampshire" from the “State” field and "Arts Centers" from the “Institution/Business Type” field in the advanced search. Create your own custom searches by mixing and matching options from CreativeGround's 25+ searchable fields! Link to the results on your organization’s website, in digital marketing materials, or blog posts for an easy-to-make directory that your constituents can use again and again.

This is also how State Arts Agencies often choose to link to their artist rosters on CreativeGround. Check out this example on Vermont Art Council's website! (Look for the "Teaching Artist Roster" link about halfway down the page)

Share your profile

Just like the examples above, the URL on your CreativeGround profile is unique and can be shared like the link to any other website. Add it to your email signature or business cards to showcase your place in your creative community!

Is the link you're trying to copy a little long and unsightly? Try using to shorten the link into something more manageable! Be sure to share your custom search links with us. We'll share some of our favorites on our social media pages.