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Senior Program Director, Creative Economy

A lot has changed for the creative sector, and for our communities, in the last few years. NEFA's creative economy team is using our role as regional convener and steward of the data in CreativeGround to gather real-time information about current creative economy activity and the need for connection as we emerge from isolation into a time of greater networking opportunities. We are seeking feedback from New England’s creative community to inform the future of the New England Creative Economy Network (NECEN). What will help the NECEN reemerge with joy and connection and creativity?

The New England Creative Economy Network (NECEN) is a group of people involved in creative community building and advocacy from around New England. Through the CreativeGround regional database and convenings like the Creative Communities Exchange (CCX), NEFA has brought together this informal network of creative community thinkers to discuss New England creative economy priorities and strategies and:

  • Formalize and increase connections among practitioners
  • Spotlight creative economy work
  • Share resources across communities
  • Brainstorm on New England creative economy priorities and strategies

NEFA’s current creative economy vision for our region is a sustainable, inclusive, and connected New England Creative Economy Network that is valued by all New England communities. This means that creative people and places are recognized, supported, well-informed, and connected to each other and the broader ecosystem.

We all have a part to play in achieving this vision. As someone from the regional creative community who is focused on economic and community development through arts and culture, your voice and action are crucial to the future of the field.

Please respond by Wednesday, December 20, 2023.

NEFA will share the information gathered back with the community so that state and local leaders can review the collective feedback and plan for the future together.

Thank you so much for the work you do and for your participation in this survey!

Respond to Survey by 12/20/23

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