The Sounds of Indonesia

A woman with brown bobbed hair wears a black and green jacket with yellow flowers
Senior Program Director, Regional Grants and International Exchange

Landed in Padang today on the island of Sumatra.  This area of Indonesia was devestated by an earthquake in 2009 and there is evidence of its impact throughout the city.  We drove down the crowded streets of Padang and then onto a narrow road (I can see why motorbikes are the vehicle of choice for many Indonesians!) until we reached a large concrete structure in the middle of a small neighborhood.  Surrounded by children and curious onlookers we settled onto benches for a brief performance by the group Nan Jombang (pictured above).  The company's founder and choreographer Ery Mefri has created an extraordinary dance company with his wife and children.  Following the performance we moved the benches together so we can talk about the company's possible participation in Center Stage, and as we talked the sky darkened, the call to prayer from a nearby mosque came across the fields, and then the rain started to fall on the roof of the theater…the sounds of Indonesia.



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