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Former Program Director, Dance

Since its inception, the National Dance Project (NDP) has enlisted the service of presenters, artists, and organizational leaders from the dance field to make grant recommendations during annual review meetings. Collectively, these individuals have brought extensive knowledge of the dance field to the table along with proven track records advocating for artists and assisting in the development of new dance works and audiences in their respective communities.

Historically, NDP’s panel consisted of two distinct roles– Hub Site representatives and Advisors. Hub Sites representatives were typically leaders from U.S.-based presenting institutions who showed a dedicated commitment to the creation and presentation of new dance works. Advisors were typically artists, managers, or presenters who served as observers of the evaluation process to provide guidance on funding criteria and procedure.

As NDP approaches our 20th Anniversary in the 2016-2017 season, we are adapting and shifting some aspects of the program, including its panel structure, to address issues around equity, representation, and access. We are saying goodbye to the term “hub site” and beginning in 2016, NDP is asking presenters and artists to serve together in the same role, and all will be called Advisors. Advisors will evaluate proposals, make grant recommendations, and help inform the program’s future policies and guidelines in the context of the NDP’s program goals.

The 12 Advisors  selected to serve in 2016 bring a wealth of knowledge about the field and a range of artistic and organizational perspectives to the table. We look forward to a year of learning and listening as we work together to support the creation and touring of new dance works this year.

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