Do you have a story to tell? Perhaps you paint your story, tell it through movement, or write it in a song. Whatever the format, however the presentation, in the end everyone who has ever lived has a story. What everyone does not have, is the space to tell their truth, to tell their unique culture story. This does not have to be the case - the arts can be an incredible mechanism for catalyzing voice and agency.

How then, do we empower people to tell their stories? How can spaces and communities be engaged and created in ways that do not perpetuate systemic injustice? These are examples of the types of questions the team at Arts Connect International (ACI) seeks to address as we facilitate Boston’s inaugural Arts Equity Summit in 2019, March 22nd-24th, in partnership with over thirty community partners.

We recognize that the arts sector is in need of remodeling. There is a cultural equity gap in the arts showing not just an underrepresentation of artists of color and/or with disabilities, but arts managers and high-level directors, as well as board members, of color and/or with disabilities as well. Issues of accessibility and discrimination based on gender and sexuality remain problems as well. The quality of ideas and initiatives greatly increase when the group working together is diverse and when voices and perspectives are missing everyone loses.

It is imperative that all voices be present at the decision-making table.

We recognize that this work is best done in partnership with the communities around us, particularly those most impacted by existing disparities. For this reason, we are incredibly excited to partner with individuals across the arts sector for the Arts Equity Summit. This summit is a space to co-create and act on a vision of empowerment that spans generations. We build a better future in the arts not just for ourselves, but the many young people who have to work with what we leave them. Whether you attend or you apply as an artist, to speak on a panel, or to present a workshop or proposal, we want invite you to engage in shaping a brighter story line.

Above all, we come together in solidarity, with community, art and action at the core.

Submissions for the Arts Equity Summit close January 2, 2019.

Email Allegra with any questions.