NEST Artist Requirements

NEST supported Debo Band | Photo: by Koki

All artists must complete and maintain a profile in CreativeGround, NEFA’s free regional arts and culture directory to be NEST-eligible. Follow the instructions on CreativeGround and pay attention to the specific tips below to clearly demonstrate your work portfolio for NEST grant requirements. 

Step 1: Log in to 

Go to and click ‘GET LISTED,’ and create a user account or log in if you have a CreativeGround account. (Reset your password if needed.)  

Go to your 'My Dashboard’ page. There you will see all public profiles that are associated with your user account. If you do not see a profile listed on your Dashboard, do a quick search in CreativeGround to see if it already exists in the database. If it does and you would like to manage it, click Claim this Profile' at the top of the page.   

If the profile for you/your artist group does not exist yet, Create a new public profile from your CreativeGround Dashboard 

Step 2: Complete Your Profile 

Once you have access to edit your public profile in CreativeGround, please complete all the recommendations listed here to have a robust profile with a score of 20.  

Required for NEST-Eligibility 

Make sure you have filled out these specific fields with the additional requirements for being a NEST-eligible artist: 

1. About 

  • Activities and Services (you must select "Performance/Concert/Reading"). 
  • Populations Engaged (you must select at least 1) 

2. Institution/Business Type 

  • You may select the type which is most appropriate, however we strongly recommend that you select ‘Artist (individual)’ or ‘performing group’ as your Institution/Business Type because that is likely how most presenters will search. 

3. mEDIA Gallery 

  • At least one photo and one video in addition to your main Profile Image. 

4. I have worked with... 

  • List at least five different organizations/individuals from anywhere in the world that have hired you for a performance in the last year. **Please note that due to the difficulty many artists are experiencing in securing work during the pandemic, you may list any engagements that have occurred since March 2019.** 
  • For each performance, please complete the Relationship Description field with a brief overview of your performance engagement (1-3 sentences) and Relationship Date (note the Month and Year). For organizations within New England please link to their profile page in CreativeGround. 

5. Affiliations & Accomplishments 

  • List any relevant awards; if none, fill in "N/A" 

6. Touring Artist Information 

  • Check the "I wish to be considered for NEST eligibility" box 
  • State of Residence 
  • Technical Requirements 
  • Minimum Number of Performers 
  • Maximum Number of Performers 
  • Touring Fees 

Step 3: Approval Process 

After your profile has been approved by NEFA staff, the phrase “NEST eligible Artist” will appear in the Touring Artist section on your profile indicating that you are eligible for funding.  

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