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Los Angeles, CA
Project Title
Freemind Freestyle
Fiscal Year Awarded
Grant or Program
National Dance Project Production Grant
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Freemind Freestyle is a riveting, visceral immersion into Hip Hop and street dance culture. The work embodies our timeless struggle to break free from the oppressive forces that conspire to restrict our movement and explores how we find freedom through the dance cultures that ground us. The full-length production centers the voices and stories of the Black and Brown communities we come from and brings culture to the concert stage in the form of cyphers, competitive exchange (known as battles), and raw freestyle movement. It explores the depths of a wide range of street dances such as Hip Hop, House, Whacking, Popping, and Krump as vehicles of expression.

This work is being created on the land of the Tongva People.

Estimated Artist Fee: $10,000/performance, $20,000/week long residency, or $7,500/full-length virtual engagement (60 mins).

Presenter Partners

  • The Joyce Theater (New York, NY)
  • LA Philharmonic  and The John Anson Ford Theatre (Los Angeles, CA)
  • UtahPresents (Salt Lake City, UT)

Tour Coordinator

Brandon Juezan
Project Manager
Versa-Style Dance Company
Tel. (626) 391-3810


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Work Samples


Four dancers, wearing gray, leap up, forward, or along the floor in front of a white backdrop.
photo by George Simian
Three dancers wear gray in front of a white backdrop. One leaps with his arms thrown back. Another slides and smirks. Another crosses his legs and covers his face with his fingers spread.
photo by George Simian