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Portland, ME

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Aggression Confession Procession
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New Work New England
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Aggression Confession Procession is a multidimensional project consisting of an outdoor audience-based funeral procession, an experimental film, and an evening-length dance theater piece. All three components of this work echo and collide with one another conceptually and aesthetically from the vantage of bodies in mourning, and the historical concept of the “hysterical woman" as a diagnosis. Looking at the myriad ways we both hold and process atrocity, this project investigates and interrogates the question of how it is that we care for bodies.


Work Samples

Five male dancers on a stage; one in the center with arms out and gazing upward; two pairs on either side making contact with each other. Costumes are casual street clothing
Ian Douglass for The End of Men
On a stage, three performers dance. Two of the performers wear bright orange costumes and do floor work. One hops in a red leotard.
Kathryn Butler for work in process - Aggression Confession