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Burlington, VT
Project Title
A Singular They
Fiscal Year Awarded
Grant or Program
New Work New England
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A Singular They is a solo dance show for ground, aerial, and mobility apparatus, about the many experiences of change in my body. Works made by me and five collaborating choreographers engage different elements of identity and embodiment, including an outsider's approach to masculinity, the way time changes with chronic pain, and what it's like to find freedom.

Work Sample

A dancer on a dark stage wearing a large cape which is swirling around. Only the dancer's head and feet are visible.
Photo courtesy Toby MacNutt
In a spotlight, Toby sits on a stool with their hands out.
Photo courtesy of Toby MacNutt
In a spotlight and with crutches, Toby lifts their leg up.
Photo courtesy of Toby MacNutt