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Denver, CO

Su Teatro, Denver, CO
Project Title
Interview with a Mexican
Fiscal Year Awarded
Grant or Program
National Theater Project Creation & Touring Grant
Grant Amount

The Su Teatro ensemble adapts writer Gustavo Arellano’s column Ask a Mexican to the stage in the form of Interview with a Mexican. The column was a parody of serious Latinx advice columns, earnest and pandering, attempting to sincerely answer ignorant questions on race and culture. He calls the adaptation a “satirical romp that tackles cultural misunderstanding, misrepresentation and straight up racism.” Those conversations are a jumping off point for a deeper artistic response to all things Mexican. There is no depth into which the conversation cannot plunge. The play, with music, dance, and prizes, will be offered with limited subtlety and inspired irreverence in a genuine effort to promote discourse and disruption. 

Projected Touring Availability

Beginning April 2020

Tour Coordinator

Mica Garcia de Benavidez, Company Manager
Su Teatro
tel 303.296.0219