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Seattle, WA

Project Title
Black Like Me: An Exploration of the Word Nigger
Fiscal Year Awarded
Grant or Program
National Dance Project Production Grant
Grant Amount

A multisensory exhibit and performance that explores the reverb of a single word in a global community. Comprised of five narratives, Black Like Me: An Exploration of the Word Nigger (BLM) uses physical, verbal, visual, olfactory, and sonic sensibilities to consider the effects of the word nigger, all its permutations, its history, and its casual use in Hip-Hop culture. In collaboration with two of America’s leading Black mediadesign technologists, a fragrance designer, sound composers, and local activists, BLM asks if it is possible to redefine a word intended to belittle a people. 

Estimated artist fee: $15,000/performance; $23,000/week

Tour Coordinator

Jennifer Morris
Siegel Artist Management
tel 847-475-4224

Presenter Partners

  • Northwest African American Museum (Seattle, WA)

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Person in a neon yellow hoodie dances in a space lit by blue light
courtesy of the artist