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Northampton, MA

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Concourse, created by choreographers Barbie Diewald and Shakia Barron, is a dance project that extends the duet form.  Barron and Diewald facilitate a live dialogue in performance, joined by their mentors and emerging artists who are former students. Bringing vision and legacy into conversation at the level of the body, this confluence creates an intergenerational community of inquiry, and affirms that mentorship is multidirectional: we glean as much from our mentees as from our mentors.  Concourse celebrates the feedback loops that occur when we collapse the distinctions between self, student, teacher, and material.

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Barbie Diewald

Shakia Barron

Work Samples

Barbie Diewald
Shakia Barron
Two dancers, one in a rust jumpsuit with right arm extended straight up and another behind wearing shades of green with both arms outstretched
Barbie Diewald | photo by Derek Fowles
In a spotlight, a group of young dancers performs in a circle.
Shakia Barron | Photo by Charles Flachs