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Pioneer Valley, MA
Project Title
“Secret Lives of the Disabled”: A Docu/Podcast
Fiscal Year Awarded
Grant or Program
New Work New England
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Secret Lives of the Disabled is a docu-podcast featuring performance/video artist and writer Sally Greenhouse who will share challenges that New Englanders living with physical disabilities face. Those who live with chronic pain, who became catastrophically disabled, and who fall down the metaphorical rabbit hole of a backwards American dream, in which housing instability, food insecurity, and FOMO is the continual norm of their new status quo, will be seen through Greenhouse’s darkly satirical perspective. This is not an educational broadcast, but a highly individualistic version of one artist’s existential, theological, psychological interpretations of her dilemma, along with the mundane like walking into walls, literally, doing laundry (or not), how to get your underpants on (or not), structuring each day as if your life as a disabled person is not expendable, in midst of a world in which too often, disabled people have become relegated to expendability.


Sally Holds herself and wears a black dress with a matching silver earring and necklace set.