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Gardena, CA
Project Title
Tales of Clamor
Fiscal Year Awarded
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National Theater Project Creation & Touring Grant
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TALES OF CLAMOR is a hybrid theatre, aerial arts, movement and media performance project that bends time through past and present, exploring cultural and institutionalized silence on the path to collective clamor, justice & healing. TOC digs into the politics of silencing, including the Model Minority “Strategy”, and a little-known moment of American history: hearings for the 1981 Commission on Wartime Relocation & Internment of Civilians that led to the win of Redress & Reparations for an entire community of people incarcerated during WWII. TOC includes extensive community engagement - prioritizing community in the artistic process and spaces to facilitate creative response to the material.

Projected Touring Availability

Please contact the tour coordinator for more information.

Tour Coordinator

traci kato-kiriyama

Work Samples

A performer swings from a rope, while other performers stand below on a stage in red light.
photo by Mike Palma
A woman crouches in front of a projection of old photos. On the old photos are the words or phrases ("Go home" and "911") spray painted on the side of the Islamic Center of America.
photo by Daren Mooko