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Gainesville, FL
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Space Carcasses
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National Dance Project Production Grant
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Space Carcasses is an interdisciplinary performance that juxtaposes, superimposes, and asserts the body’s relationship to its built environment, particularly spaces that echo with Afro-diasporic forced migrations. A carcass leaves an imprint of a version of us we are no longer, a “skin,” a container that we have left behind. Like the residue of the body’s presence, the residue of architecture resonates with layered meanings through time and space. Facilitated by emergent technologies, the dancing body will become time traveler, truth teller, and historical record by extending into architecture and embodying it as an exoskeleton to access the ancestor like a masked dancer becomes EGUNGUN.

Onye Ozuzu creates on the land of the Timucua and Seminole Peoples.

Estimated Artist Fee: $13,375/performance or $24,875/week long residency.

Presenter Partners

  • Bates Dance Festival (Lewiston, ME)
  • Hope Mohr Dance - The Bridge Project (San Francisco, CA)
  • QDance Center (Lagos, Nigeria)

Tour Coordinator

Kate Speer
Administrative Assistant

NDP Presentation Grant

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Work Samples


In black and white: a Black woman, with short curls, holds up fabric and leans forward.
photo by Erielle Bakkum
A dancer holds a sheet over themselves, while a picture of a young Black woman is projected over it.
photo by Erielle Bakkum
In a field with shrubs, a Black woman dances while wearing all white.
photo by Zachary Whittenburg