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Los Angeles, CA
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She's Auspicious
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National Dance Project Production Grant
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She’s Auspicious is a solo Bharatanatyam dance work with live music. It examines the contradiction in Indian culture between worship of the Goddess and the treatment of women in Society.

Through this paradox, the work grapples with the hypocrisy that exists within me, the individual - a microcosm of society - and permeates the broader spectrum of global cultures to shape our thought and behavior patterns.

She’s Auspicious investigates the relationship between “femininity” and “purity” in mythical narratives surrounding the Goddess, the Woman, the Dancing Body, and the social and performative constructs of Bharatanatyam.

This piece marks a pivotal shift in my own artistic process as I attempt to move from the “depictive” to the “experiential,” challenging assumptions of beauty and refinement in my practice and performance.

Mythili Prakash creates on the land of the Chumash, Tongva, and Kizh Peoples.

Estimated Artist Fee: $13,000/performance + hotel (2 doubles and 2 singles per night), $27,000/week + hotel (2 doubles and 2 singles per night), or $5,000 (Includes 30 minute film, Zoom Master classes, Live interviews, Educational Module).

Presenter Partners

  • Foundation for World Arts (Los Angeles, CA)
  • Kalapriya (Chicago, IL)
  • LA Dance Project (Los Angeles, CA)

Tour  Coordinator

Cathy Pruzan
Touring Coordinator/Artist Representative
Pruzan Dance Arts
Tel. (415) 789-5051


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Work Samples


In a spotlight, Mythili dances in traditional Indian garb.
photo by Jorge Vismara
In black and white and in front of a brick wall, Mythili leans into her arm.
photo by Jonathan Potter