Boston, MA
Project Title
We will imagine how public art can invite us in a more honest story of the Melnea Cass/Mass Ave neighborhood, that works against a single story of crisis and is told with service seekers & providers to respect their journeys, relationships, and hopes.
Fiscal Year Awarded
Grant or Program
Collective Imagination for Spatial Justice
Grant Amount

Stories help us articulate who we are and who we want to be. 'See you in the future' will imagine how we might tell a more honest story about the Melnea Cass/Mass. Ave neighborhood—one that works against a single story of crisis and that remembers the many journeys to home and homelessness. Working with the Engagement Center, its visitors, and others who care for the Mass./Cass community, we will explore histories and tell a story about what it means to look at someone surviving in public and see them for who they want to be, in turn seeing our shared future as neighbors and citizens.

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