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Ashfield, MA

Project Title
Indigenous Voices in Photo, Film, and Story
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New Work New England
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An Indigenous Educational Docu-Film: This voyage focuses on the iconic photo of a 12-year-old Nipmuc boy named Anoki Mann. The photo would later capture the hearts of an entire Nation when it became the cover photo for the award-winning novel, The Mourning Road to Thanksgiving. A deeper and not so pleasant story that developed in contrast was in the actions of Native American appropriation and exploitation of the same photo, including some people claiming to be Anoki’s grandfather. Anoki is now 22 and shares in the film his experience growing up as a Native American in Massachusetts and the challenges he has faced dealing with his photo being falsely used. The film also includes many other voices from the Nipmuc community and how Native appropriation and marginalization has impacted their lives.  

Work Samples

A young boy wears a feather in her braid, a beaded choker, and body paint.
photo of Anoki Mann
In a black shirt and in front of a black curtain, a man holds his hands up.
photo by Karen Woo