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South Portland, ME
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Land Back Kinəpékʷihtəkʷ/Kennebec (working title)
Fiscal Year Awarded
Grant or Program
New Work New England
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Land Back Kinəpékʷihtəkʷ/Kennebec (working title) will generate and enact Wabanaki-led rematriation practices through a series of cross-cultural and participatory, place-based performance events. Rematriation is emphasized by many Indigenous communities as a set of practices that focus on long-term repair of relationships between people and places. This project works to increase the scale and efficacy of existing public dialogues surrounding environmental conservation and Indigenous stewardship within land-based organizations. Employing various forms of telling story individually and collectively, we continue the work of considering our situated perspectives while re-framing colonial narratives that center settler priorities.

On a trail in daylight, a parade of folks with lanterns.
Robyn Towle / Robyn Nicole Film & Photo