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Brooklyn, NY
Project Title
Song of the North
Fiscal Year Awarded
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National Theater Project Creation & Touring Grant
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Song of the North is a large-scale, cinematic performance combining the manual art of shadow puppetry with projected animation to tell the courageous tale of Manijeh, a heroine from ancient Persia, who must use all her strengths and talents to rescue her beloved from a perilous predicament of her own making and help prevent a war. This 80-minute show utilizes a creative ensemble of masters whose shared talents and skills advance the themes of unity, collaboration, and experimentation through performance and story. Song of the North, adapted from the Book of Kings (Shahnameh), challenges the Eurocentric worldview of art and storytelling through a contemporary multimedia experience of this classic Persian tale.  

Song of the North is created on the land of the Munsee Lenape People (Brooklyn, NY), part of the Delaware Nation who were forced off their lands and relocated to assigned lands in Oklahoma and Canada.

Projected Touring Availability

Please contact the tour coordinator for more information.

Tour Coordinator

Laura Colby
Elsie Management 
Tel. (718) 797-4577

Work Samples

Song of the North poster art features the title and a woman with a staff in front of the sun.
Fictionville Studio
Animation: a figure holds a string with a package attached to it for a person who is stuck in a ditch.
Fictionville Studio