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Austin, TX

Project Title
Yes, And
Fiscal Year Awarded
Grant or Program
National Dance Project Production Grant
Grant Amount

Yes, And is a performance project that recenters Black womanhood as the norm and operating force in the creative process. Seemly contradictory, the work is both: YES, an unapologetic celebration of Black sisterhood, AND, a complex investigation of issues and experiences (motherhood, trauma, sexuality, joy, mental health, self-care, the list is non-exhaustive) from a Black female center. Yes, And asks: Who would you be and what would you do if, as a Black woman, you had nothing to worry about? Yes, And is a process, or rather a methodology, of undoing and of freedom, the freedom “to find” and to “be found” from this recalibrated place. 

Estimated Artist Fees: $18,000/performance; $22,000/week.

Presenter Partners

  • Dance Place (Washington, DC)
  • Fusebox & Women & Their Work (Austin, TX)
  • Jamaica Center for Arts & Learning (Jamaica, NY)

Tour Coordinator

Kaitlyn Jones
Project Manager
Gesel Mason Performance Projects
Tel. (832) 493-2823

Work Sample & Photos


A black woman stands in her yard with a broom.
photo by Josh Coe
A black woman lays on the ground in an art exhibit.
photo by Josh Coe
A woman, in a shiny red dress, runs through a field.
photo by Jovan Landry
Five black women pose by a log fence.
photo by Jovan Landry