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Chicago, IL
Project Title
In The Wurkz
Fiscal Year Awarded
Grant or Program
National Dance Project Production Grant
Grant Amount

In the Wurkz is a touring dance project based on the lives and dreams of dancers on the west and south sides of Chicago. This evening-length show unveils a history of footwork dancing, tracing its development from “the holy ghost”– the first footwork dance move inspired by the motion of ghosts and spirit possession in church – to a citywide, black teenage dance culture that keeps kids safe in dangerous neighborhoods across Chicago. In the Wurkz expounds on this dance history through the movements, films, and poetry of The Era Footwork Crew.

Estimated Artist Fee: $20,000-$22,000/performance; $35,000-$40,000/week.

Presenter Partners

  • Bates Dance Festival (Lewiston, ME) 
  • Links Hall (Chicago, IL)
  • The Yard (Chillmark, MA) 

Tour Coordinators

Jamal Oliver and Brandon Calhoun, Co-Managers
The Era Footwork Crew
tel 773-733-2680

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NDP Presentation Grant

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