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Brooklyn, NY

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Fiscal Year Awarded
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National Dance Project Production Grant
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3 RITES: LIFE, LIBERTY, HAPPINESS by DELIRIOUS Dances/Edisa Weeks is a series of three interactive performance rituals that integrate dance, live music, text, visual installations, community discussions and shared meals to humorously and poignantly interrogate why life, liberty and happiness were included as unalienable rights in the United States Declaration of Independence. Performed consecutively, in tandem, or as stand alone works, 3 RITES explores what the right to life, liberty, and happiness means today, who has access to these rights, and how they manifest in the body.

Estimated Artist Fee: $5,730 - $17,880/performance plus travel + housing; $7,130 - $49,000/week plus travel + housing

Presenter Partners

  • 651 ARTS (Brooklyn, NY)
  • The Curtis R. Priem Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center (Troy, NY)
  • Kelly Strayhorn Theater (Pittsburgh, PA)

Tour Coordinator

Marýa Wethers
Producer, Tour Coordinator
Marýa Wethers
Tel. (516) 418-6719


Overhead, of a party, where folks are dancing below stringed lights.
photo by Crystal Wei
A young black girl wears a mask taped over her eyes of bigger eyes.
photo by Rebecca Fitton
A woman, with her hair braided straight up, wears white face paint, with clownish blue eyes and red lips.
Tucker Mitchell
An older black woman knits in a crowd of folks.
photo by Rebecca Fitton