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Santa Fe, NM

Dancing Earth Creations, Santa Fe, NM & San Francisco, CA
Project Title
...Seeds: Re Generation...
Fiscal Year Awarded
Grant or Program
National Dance Project Production Grant
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...Seeds: Re Generation...​ is a purposeful performance that Indigen-izes space as vital transformative gathering ground. Centered in Indigenous ecological knowledge, residencies culminate in an immersive, interdisciplinary, and participatory contemporary dance ritual. ...Seeds: Re Generation... evolves from Dancing Earth’s intertribal artists in exchanges with Native elders, farmers, foragers, seed savers, and food and water justice groups, in visioning sessions and movement workshops that root our restoring/restory-ing of land and people. With the core theme of resilient adaptability, this work can be hosted by indoor or outdoor sites with opening dance designed to adapt to people and place. Estimated artist fee: $15,000-$30,000/performance (dependent on cast size and travel, plus accommodations), $25,000- $35,000/week (dependent on cast size and travel, plus accommodations).

Tour Coordinator
Andre Bouchard, Arts Manager
Principal Walrus Arts Mgmt
tel 267.253.1033

Presenter Partners
Fort Lewis Concert Hall (Durango CO
Mesa Art Center (Mesa, AZ)


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