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Jamaica Plain, MA

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InterGeneration is an animated film connecting teens from the Eliot School’s Teen Bridge Program with Boston elders—indigenous, immigrant, and black community leaders, artists, activists, educators and healthcare workers. The group of teens and elders take the viewer on a personal journey through the city’s colonial past and inequitable present. Armed with their home devices, the teens animate the elders’ stories with drawing, paper cut-outs, found objects, and their own bodies, creating a beautiful and poignant historical document of the hope that comes from cross-generational connection during our global pandemic and our national struggle for racial justice.

Work Samples

A giant sits at the edge of the ocean.
Giovanni Depina's animation still of Moshup the Giant, the Wampanoag Myth as told by Robert Peters
On a leafy green paper or fabric, a line sketch of a crowd of indivduals.
Marie Liza Manigat’s animation still of a story told by Alberto Rodriguez