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Vallejo, CA
Project Title
Black Benatar's Black Magic Cabaret Tour
Fiscal Year Awarded
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National Theater Project Creation & Touring Grant
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Black Benatar’s Black Magic Cabaret (BBBMC) is an epic theater spectacle that fuses elements of circus, magic, and drag performance to bring audiences on a journey through race and cultural allyship in the U.S. As the Ringleader of the ensemble’s circus, Black Benatar commands the stage through a series of comedic interlude acts instigated by her companion, Wyatt Allai. In between these interludes, the rest of the circus showcases queer performers rooted in physicality and culture, each one telling a different story of being black, or other, in the U.S. right now.

Projected Touring Availability

Please contact the tour coordinator for more information.

Tour Coordinator

Kyle DeVries, Associate
Authentic Arts & Media
tel 415-846-3905

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