Freeport, ME
Project Title
Fiscal Year Awarded
Grant or Program
New England States Touring (NEST) Grant
Grant Amount

On September 4, 2021, the Arts & Cultural Alliance of Freeport will present a day of folk music featuring professional, New England-based, and local talent. We are fortunate to be working with the town and a number of other community organizations to grow and promote Greater Freeport’s creative economy. This day-long musical event has broad community support and fits nicely into the town’s desire to focus on the creative economy.

10:00 Student Q & A with Musicians
11:00 Local Band
12:30 Low Lily
1:30 Workshop w/Low Lily
2:00 Local Band
3:30 Early Risers
5:00 Local Band
6:30 Jud Caswell
8:00 Open Jam

Concert in person, live-streamed, and on local cable post-event

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