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Newfields, NH
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The Anxiety Piece
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New Work New England
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The Anxiety Piece will investigate how the body and the mind experience and respond to anxiety. Even pre-COVID, American children and adults alike were reporting incredibly high levels of anxiety. Now that we're in a global pandemic, the prevalence of anxiety has sky-rocketed. Using dance, physical theater and partnerships with mental health professionals in New Hampshire, Articine's award-winning artists will create a dynamic and engaging new touring work to address this health challenge. This production will combine physical theater, dance, and clowning to tackle the universality of generalized anxiety in American culture. The production is conceived with a modular format of short vignettes that can be re-ordered or altered to suit varying audiences.

On a stage, a white man holds a table on its side that a white lady lays over the leg of.
by Vivan Beer