Dartmouth, MA
Project Title
Post Production editing of dance film 'to be near you'.
Fiscal Year Awarded
Grant or Program
New England Dance Fund
Grant Amount

“to be near you.” (tbnu.) is an 8 minute dance film based on a live duet between Ali Kenner Brodsky and Jenna Pollack, created in collaboration with filmmaker Rich Ferri, director Jarret Blinkhorn, and composer MorganEve Swain. It is an evocative and emotional duet that demonstrates two people finding connection, despite and beyond physical separation. This film honors the memory of those who have died, recalls cherished memories, and embodies emotion, all to give audiences a point of reflection and a moment of release. Distance collapses as the artists energize the spaces between. Filming occurred in August 2021 and post-production editing will occur throughout Fall 2021.