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Miami, FL

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Fiscal Year Awarded
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National Dance Project Production Grant
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T.W.I.S.T is a multidisciplinary feminist dance-theater project that blurs lines between research/community engagement and performance/activism as a radical practice of female collaboration. An acronym for These Women in Space and Time, T.W.I.S.T integrates elegant athleticism, film, visual art, audience-interaction, and wit to interrogate gender, space, time, and power in the public domain. T.W.I.S.T is originally commissioned by the South Miami Dade Cultural Arts Center and is uniquely designed as a site adaptable multifaceted project in four parts ideal for inventive presentation in intimate theaters, museums, and art galleries.

Estimated Artist Fee: $10,000-$15,000 plus housing and travel.

Presenter Partners

  • South Miami Dade Cultural Arts Center (Miami, FL)
  • The Yard at Martha's Vineyard (Chilmark, MA)

Tour Coordinator

Francine Sheffield
Founder, CEO
Sheffield Global Arts Management
Tel. (917) 409-6851

Work Sample & Photos


Three dancers in flapper costumes.
photo by Oui Collective
Dancer, in sunglasses and black jump suit, lifts her leg.
Britney Tokumoto; photo by Liliana Mora
Dancer, in a gray dress, creates a V shape with her arm and leg.
Cristina Moya Palacios; photo by Maya Billig
In front of a teal curtain, a dancer, in a grey dress, leaps.
Cristina Moya Palacios; photo by Maya Billig
The back of a dancer lifting another dancer.
Kashia Kancey and Cristina Moya- Palacios; photo by Maya Billig