Fund for the Arts Application Narrative Question Preview

In addition to the narrative questions below, the 2016 Fund for the Arts application will require details on the applicant, the project, and a budget.

  • Describe the proposed project. Include the site location, communities to be served, any additional stakeholders, and the environment, social, or civic need that the project will address. (3,600 character limit)
  • Describe your organization’s place within the community and its experience implementing public art projects. List partner relationships, coordination with city and state agencies (if applicable). (2,000 character limit)
  • Describe your process for selecting the artist(s) for the project. Describe why this artist(s) is a good fit for your project and community. (2,000 character limit)
  • Describe how the artist will interact with and engage with the communities served through education and/or participation and why these activities are relevant to the project and site. (2,000 character limit)