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Join representatives from NEFA and the UMass Donahue Institute for a presentation of study findings and Q&A.


Creative workers are employed in nearly every sector that powers New England, from education, to technology and science, to major global brands. They help shape our industries and culture, defining who we are and where we want to live.

This webinar will share findings from the report, which includes:

  • An examination of the current state of the creative economy of New England including enterprise and occupational employment, enterprise counts, and its geographical distribution
  • The change of the creative economy over time including an identification of important trends
  • An overview of the creative workforce of New England including demographic and other attributes from the U.S. Census and Creatives Count survey
  • Advice for future researchers, research methodology and data sources, and the updated research definition of the industries and occupations that comprise the core creative economy

This report builds upon our prior studies (The Creative Economy Initiative: The Role of the Arts and Culture in New England’s Economic Competitiveness in 2000 and The Creative Economy: A New Definition in 2007) as well as the real-time online community, CreativeGround, which we launched in 2014 to reflect the creative people and places at work in New England. CreativeGround serves as a tool to promote and connect creatives to each other and those who know that vibrant neighborhoods go hand-in-hand with a vibrant creative sector. The Jobs in New England's Creative Economy and Why They Matter delves deeper into the employment, income, and career needs and trends of these creative enterprises and artists and also pioneered the Creatives Count survey of artists and creative workers to hear from them directly.

Visit nefa.org/necreativejobsmatter to:

  • Watch a short video of findings
  • Download the report
  • Download report highlights for each New England state


Contact: Dee Schneidman | 617.951.0010 x530