All artist applicants to the New Work New England grant must complete and maintain a profile in CreativeGround. Follow the instructions below to update your profile. It’s highly recommended that all applicants update their profile as it may be used in the panel review process.

Step 1: Log in to CreativeGround

  1. Go to CreativeGround, click ‘GET LISTED,’ and create a user account, or log in if you already have a CreativeGround account.

  2. Once you are registered, click on the link ‘Click here to create a new public profile’ on your ‘My Account’ page and complete all of the fields listed below.

Step 2: Complete your Profile

In addition to the required fields in your profile, which include contact information, primary discipline, and a description, artists are should complete all fields listed below in order to apply for New Work New England.

Please note that you may select the profile type which is most appropriate, however we strongly recommend that you select ‘Artist’ as your profile type because that is likely how most people will search for you.

Required Fields

  • Profile Images

    • We strongly recommend using a performance image not a headshot. This image, which is displayed in the directory’s search results, helps visually communicate your artistic work. 
  • Contact information
    • Website and/or Facebook page link.
  • About
    • Activities and Services (you must select "Performance/Concert/Reading").
    • Populations served.
  • Image & Video Gallery
    • At least three photos and one video in addition to your Profile Image.
  • "I have worked with..."
    • List at least three different organizations/individuals that have worked with you and/or your group on the creation or presentation of your work.
    • For each engagement, please complete the Relationship Description field with a brief overview of your performance/project engagement (1-3 sentences) and Relationship Date (note the Month and Year). For organizations within New England please link to their profile page in CreativeGround.
  • Touring Artist information
    • Check the "I am a performing artist who tours” box
    • State of Residence
    • Technical Requirements
    • Minimum Number of Performers
    • Maximum Number of Performers
    • Fees