Concept Proposal Questions:

  1. Please describe the project you are proposing. What is your artistic vision for this project? (2,500 characters)
  2. Tell us about your artistic process. Are there particular communities of people who will be involved/engaged, or places and ideas that will be essential to your artistic process? Please tell us about your relationship to these people, places, and ideas. (1,500 characters)
  3. Describe the public spaces where this project will take place. How do you envision the public interacting with this project? What impact are you hoping this project will have on the spaces and people who will encounter and/or engage with it? (1,500 characters)
  4. Please tell us about yourselves as the lead artist(s) for this project. How does this project relate to your general artistic practice? How might this project strengthen your artistic work and practice? (1,500 characters)
  5. We acknowledge that the people reviewing your application are likely to have gaps in understanding or knowledge about the context for your work. Please provide your own definitions of excellence and success for this project, and any other information you think would be important for the Advisors to have to fairly assess your application. (1,500 characters)

Estimated request amount will be required at this phase.

Full Project Proposal Questions (in addition to the questions above)

  1. In addition to grant funding, Creative City Grant Recipients will be a part of a learning cohort for the duration of the grant year.  For more information about the learning cohort, see the “Grant Recipient Requirements” at  Please explain why you are interested in being part of a learning cohort at this time.  What are you hoping to learn/gain from being a part of a learning cohort? What expertise do you hope to bring to the cohort? (1,500 characters)
  2. Tell us about your confirmed community partner(s). Why is this partner(s) a good fit for your project and what role will they take in supporting you to realize this project? (1,500 characters)
  3. Tell us about your readiness to carry out this project in 2020. What kind of support do you think you will you need to realize this project (e.g. from your community partner, fellow artists in the cohort, etc.)? (1,500 characters)

Workplan + Timeline, Budget + Budget Narrative will be required at this phase.