Chicago, IL
Project Title
The Jazz Continuum
Fiscal Year Awarded
Grant or Program
National Dance Project Presentation Grant
Grant Amount

As part of the Dance Presenting Series’ 50th Anniversary Season programming, the Dance Center is partnering with LaTasha Barnes in the offering of her epic work, The Jazz Continuum. LaTasha Barnes is revered by Hip-Hop, concert dance, and academic communities equally and reflects the intersectionality of the Dance Center as a whole. As a portion of scheduled activities for this performance residency, Barnes will headline and serve as a battle judge for the Dance Center's B-Series 10th Anniversary Festival. Additional residency activities include take overs by Barnes and her cast of Modern, Contemporary, Hip-Hop, and West African technique classes, engagement with Columbia College Chicago’s Jazz Music Studies program, and intersections with Chicago’s Jazz, dance, veteran, and disability communities fulfilling Barnes' requirement for built in “hangs” where Jazz and Hip-Hop are living in Chicago to inform the work itself. Residency activities will be held February 29-March 10, 2024.