Current NDP Projects with Tour Support Available

Search below for projects eligible for touring support. Be sure to contact the tour coordinator listed for information on this project’s tour dates, and to discuss joining a project’s NDP tour and receiving a Presentation Grant.

Seattle, WA
Material Deviance In Contemporary American Culture / You are not your car

Material Deviance In Contemporary American Culture (MDICAC) is an immersive installation, dance performance, and communal ritual. It grapples with the complexity of living in an object-based society where we define our identity through the objects we own. The performance interweaves...

San Francisco, CA
World Premiere in Collaboration with Bob Holman

Alonzo King, in collaboration with poet and endangered language documentarian Bob Holman, will create a 30-minute ballet with a sound score compilation of poetry selected from Holman’s collection of recordings from members of communities with at-risk languages and music played on...

Palo Alto, CA
Doggie Hamlet

Doggie Hamlet is a full-length outdoor performance spectacle that weaves dance, music, visual, and theatrical elements with aspects from competitive sheep herding trials. Recalling the bucolic impression of a landscape painting or a 3D pastoral poem, it is performed by six human...

Oakland, CA

#PublicCanvas is a large-scale vertical dance by choreographer Amelia Rudolph in collaboration with the dancers of BANDALOOP, composer Ben Juodvalkis, and poets and singers from Youth Speaks, featuring Tassiana Willis. Drawing on community contributions submitted as narratives and/or...

Columbus, OH
Dances from The Making Room

Bebe Miller Company’s Dances from The Making Room is a suite of works and accompanying events focused on the dance-making process, created during a yearlong dialogue between Miller and choreographer Susan Rethorst. Stemming from Miller’s recent work in experimental theater...

Pittsburgh, PA
Touch Update

Touch Update explores the significant and often subtle implications of physical human contact. Street performances sharing touch as source material are observed by invited “Artists as Witnesses” to replace the ubiquitous “proof” of digital cameras with unique...

Jamaica, NY

CABD will develop ink — the final installation of the identity trilogy. Gestural vocabulary and time travel will collide and draw on the rhythmic and

Philadelphia, PA
Supper, People on the Move!

Supper, People on the Move! is a site-specific performance with audience participation that poses questions about immigration. Supper connects dance to the deeply personal experiences of immigrants and unfolds like a journey, focusing attention on the often ignored...

Culver City, CA

Ana Maria Alvarez’s newest participatory and provocative Urban Latin Dance Theater work takes on joy as a revolutionary practice. With sound by d. Sabela grimes and songs

Encino, CA

ELECTROGYNOUS is a multidisciplinary performance that proclaims the infinite dimensions of the Black gender spectrum to counter historically imposed notions of femininity and masculinity. Through a mix of ancient funk, futuristic soundscapes, video architectures, and kinetic poetics...

Santa Fe, NM
...Seeds: Re Generation...

...Seeds: Re Generation...​ is a purposeful performance that Indigen-izes space as vital transformative gathering ground. Centered in Indigenous

Brooklyn, NY
New Work By Michelle Dorrance

Tap dancer Michelle Dorrance’s original Myelination premiered at New York City Center’s 2015 Fall for Dance Festival. Gia Kourlas of The New York Times

New York, NY
in the shelter of the fold

in the shelter of the fold, Doug Varone’s latest project, is an intensely intimate work that explores the many forms of faith and belief, as well as the acts of coping, realization, choice, and the expectations attached to it. Built from episodic, stand-alone vignettes for 1-14...

Minneapolis, MN
Then a Cunning Voice and A Night We Spend Gazing at Stars

Then a Cunning Voice and a Night We Spend Gazing at Stars is a project focused on all night urban and rural stargazing inclusive of building quilts in community sewing bees, a performance generated alongside the quilt-making period, curated stories, community breakfasts, indigenous...

Seattle, WA
Psychic Radio Star

Part performance and part activism, Psychic Radio Star uses an interdisciplinary approach to dance theater that challenges audiences while providing a voice for

Menlo Park, CA
The Forgotten Empress

The Forgotten Empress is dynamic-dance drama based on the history and life of Empress Noor Jahan exploring the strength and influence of this woman in 16th century Mughal India, and how she maintained her delicate power in a male dominated empire only to be almost forgotten...

Austin, TX
Served—a dance for college campus employees

Served is a dance for campus employees, created through a multi-visit residency at a host college/ university. Featuring the skilled movement of a distinct group of

Sololá, Guatemala
Uk’u’x Ulew: Heart of Earth

Uk’u’x Ulew is a 60-minute multisensorial Maya dance-ritual. Its interactive choreography provokes embodied reflection on the environmental/political/spiritual dimensions of our planetary crisis—stressing human complicity while restoring reciprocity with our...

San Francisco, CA
The Way You Look (at me) Tonight

The Way You Look (at me) Tonight is an investigation of the role of movement and sensory dynamics in the perception and performance of otherness, created by choreographer and performance artist Jess Curtis and Scottish, self-identified disabled performer and choreographer Claire...

Seattle, WA
one great, bright, brittle altogetherness

Parts 2 and 3 in a suite of feminist dances by drag/bio-fem Cherdonna hyperbolize the normal humiliations of human existence. Part 2: focuses on the body as a canvas for social change. Cherdonna performs a live painting with cake. Part 3: a Mommie Dearest-meets-Snow White matriarch conducts a...

San Francisco, CA
Nobody Lives Here Now

Nobody Lives Here Now is a poetic fable that explores the nature of disappearance as part of the fragile human condition. The piece tells the story of a

New York, NY

DEAREST HOME is an interactive dance work focused on love, longing, and loss, conducted in a multi-year creative process and scheduled to premiere in May 2017.

Vedado, Havana,
Indomitable Waltz

Aszure Barton will create a 15-25 minute new work, Indomitable Waltz, for six to eight dancers of Cuba’s Malpaso Dance Company led by Artistic Director and Resident Choreographer Osnel Delgado. The new work will build on the theatrical tendencies exhibited in both Barton...

Iowa City, IA

Soil is a full-length, intercultural dance-theater trio conceived and directed by Michael Sakamoto and co-written and co-choreographed with the performers: Cambodian classical and contemporary dancer Chey Chankethya, Thai traditional and contemporary dancer Waewdao Sirisook, and Vietnamese-...

Brooklyn, NY
Poor People's TV Room

Poor People’s TV Room is a new evening-length work by interdisciplinary artist Okwui Okpokwasili and collaborator Peter Born. Combining movement, text, and song,

New York, NY
New Work for Goldberg Variations

New Work for Goldberg Variations is an evening- length piece for piano and a sextet of dancers, inspired by and set to the live performance of Bach’s iconic score

Philadelphia, PA
Point of Interest

Point of Interest, a new piece by Raphael Xavier, challenges the art form of Breaking and the viewer’s perspective of hip-hop. Xavier explores the notion of sustainability by developing a space for aging practitioners within Breaking, as well as a space for Breaking and hip-hop...

Brooklyn, NY

Tesseract is a collaboration between Rashaun Mitchell, Silas Riener, and Charles Atlas. It is an evening-length presentation in two parts separated by an

Philadelphia, PA

Lifted is a new hip-hop dance theater production by Rennie Harris Puremovement that features gospel music and house dance to explore contemporary issues of community

Falmouth, ME
Tense Vagina: an actual diagnosis

Tense Vagina: an actual diagnosis is about motherhood - its beauty, challenges, isolation, comedy, and influence on the human experience. This evening-length solo uses humor, movement, sounds, songs, text, and audience participation to reveal “all that is awesome and all that...

San Francisco, CA

BOYS IN TROUBLE investigates contemporary American masculinity — amplifying “outsider” experiences of masculinity through a transgender and queer lens

White Plains, NY

SBDNY in collaboration with Per Störby (Composer) from Sweden, is developing a multidisciplinary dance, MÖNSTER OUTSIDE. The piece is performed by Bell’s four dancers and the New Tide Orquesta (NTO) from Sweden in a stage arena that marries Bell’s brand of highly...

Seattle, WA

A Rap on Race, an evening-length devised dance/theater work by Donald Byrd and Anna Deavere Smith, centers on a ground-breaking conversation on race between writer James Baldwin and anthropologist Margaret Mead recorded in 1970. Byrd and Deavere Smith used various renditions of the...

New York, NY
Long Run

In summer/fall 2017, Tere O’Connor Dance will create Long Run, which will premiere at the Fisher Center for the Performing Arts at Bard College from October

Brooklyn, NY
Hair and other Stories

Jawole Zollar and Urban Bush Women devise Hair and other Stories, a multidisciplinary, evening- length work that addresses matters of race, gender identity, and