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Creative City Grantee Mehmet Ali Sanlıkol's Premiere of DEVRAN

In November 2017, Creative City  grantee Mehmet Ali Sanlıkol premiered his new composition entitled DEVRAN: Music of Islam, Turkey & Renaissance Europe for two free public performances in Boston, at NEC’s Jordan Hall and at First Church in Roxbury. The aim of the composition and the concerts was to connect diverse people and cultures through enjoying live music.Read more »


Artist Voices: Creating Play

Four years ago, I set myself in-Motion to foster an artistic practice that was physically, visually and playfully explorative; one that was rooted in methods of tinkering, a fondness for materials, colors and textures, and born from vivid childhood memories of running amok and unconventional innovation; a practice that distanced itself from the new-media hungry culture around me. Coincidently, at the time, I fled from the athletic sphere where I had competed and coached for a decade, and abandoned the traditions of painting with an urgency to adapt a more physical process as an installation artist (one with a performative/theatrical flare). In the past year, my projects emerged with the intention of creating a structure and/or apparatus that revealed implied functionality or activity from its curious user. When named artist in residence (summer 2015) at the Boston Center for the Arts and presented with the challenge to create a public interactive installation, it became a reality that the work must come to life and that participants, the materials and the maker must be on the move!Read more »


Artist Voices: City Council Meeting: In Praise of Unresolved Work

What Have You Done?

Our boilerplate description of our NTP-funded project is something like this: City Council Meeting is live performance about empathy, democracy and power, which is created locally in each city where it’s presented, with activists, politicians, artists and other citizens. The performance is the culmination of numerous residency visits and workshops. It has been presented in any number of locations – theaters of many stripes, a high school gymnatorium, a historic ballroom, a...Read more »


Artist Voices: Q&A with Liliana Folta

Liliana Folta is a visual artist who lives and works in Fort Point, Boston. She was selected by Fort Point Arts Community (FPAC) to create temporary public art for an outdoor space adjacent to the Made in Fort Point store, one of three temporary art projects funded this year by Fund for the Arts at NEFA. Her piece, Flower Blanket, the Farewell to Summer, was installed on...Read more »


Artist Voices: Michelle Ellsworth on PRD's "healthy" impact

Colorado-based choreographer Michelle Ellsworth received a National Dance Project Production Grant in 2013 for the creation and touring of Clytigation: State of Exception and a Production Residencies in Dance (PRD) grant to support a late-stage production residency at On the Boards in Seattle, WA. The PRD residency took place in August 2014, and Clytigation: State of Exception will be ready for touring with NDP support in 2015.

...Read more »

What I Think About When I Think About Dancing


Artist Voices: Adele Myers on NEFA’s New England “dance lab”

Adele Myers is the Artistic Director of Adele Myers and Dancers, a New England-based dance company of four female athletes of the heart. Following the New England RDDI, Adele Myers and Dancers received a 2012 NDP Production Grant with a Touring Award in addition to an NDP-supported production residency in dance (PRD). Adele Myers has also served as an NDP Advisor for the year of 2013.

In 2007, I was invited fresh off the wait-list, to be part of the...Read more »

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